New issues of IRCL: 13.1 (July 2020) and the Congress special number

Message from IRCL:

Dear members,

We have two new issues of IRCL to share with you: 13.1 (July 2020) and the special number based on the Stockholm Congress theme of Silence and Silencing. Both are available at (tables of contents below). You will no doubt find much of interest in these issues and we encourage you to share the articles and reviews widely with students and colleagues.

We know that for many members life has been thrown into confusion by the coronavirus but perhaps that gives you more opportunities to read these special numbers and in that way stay in touch with colleagues and the discipline. Everyone on the IRCL team sends best wishes and we look forward to a time when we can gather at meetings and conferences face-to-face.


The IRCL team


13.1 TOC 

Editorial: From the Senior Editor
Kimberley Reynolds

Imagining Colonial Environments: Fire in Australian Children’s
Literature, 1841–1910
Michelle J. Smith

Laundering Treasure in Stevenson’s Treasure Island
Suk Koo Rhee

Gaining Harmony: Glocal Subjectivity in Two Indonesian films for Children
Nia Nafisah

New Materialist Openings to Children’s Literature Studies
Macarena García-González and Justyna Deszcz-Tryhubczak

Streams of Consciousness: The Downriver Narrative in Young Adult Fiction
Ada Bieber and Richard Gooding

Representing Turks in Greek Children’s and Young Adult Fiction
Lissi Athanasiou-Krikelis

The Men Who Drew for Boys (and Girls): 101 Forgotten Illustrators of
Children’s Books 1844–1970. Robert J. Kirkpatrick
Dennis Butts

Staging Fairyland: Folklore, Children’s Entertainment, and
Nineteenth-Century Pantomime. Jennifer Schacker
Jennifer Duggan

The Embodied Child: Reading in Children’s Literature and Culture. Eds
Roxanne Harde and Lydia Kokkola
Deborah Thacker

Levi’s eerste kerstfeest. Jeugdverhalen over jodenbekering, 1792–2015.
[Levi’s first Christmas celebration. Children’s stories on Jewish
conversion, 1792–2015.] Ewoud Sanders
Charlotte van Bergen

Literary Studies Deconstructed: A Polemic. Catherine Butler
Gabriel Duckels

Przemiany współczesnej książki popularnonaukowej dla dzieci i
młodzieży (na przykładzie francuskiej oferty wydawniczej). [The
Transformation of the Contemporary Popular Science Book for Children
and Youth (Exemplified by French Publishing Offer)]. Agnieszka Wandel
Natalia Paprocka

Serce Pinokia: Włoska literatura dla dzieci i młodzieży w Polsce w
latach 1945–1989. [Pinocchio’s heart: Italian literature for children
and young adults in Poland, 1945–1989]. Katarzyna Biernacka-Licznar
Ewa Nicewicz-Staszowska

The Courage to Imagine: The Child Hero in Children’s Literature. Roni Natov
Krystyna Zabawa


Congress number TOC

Editorial: Silence and Silencing in Children’s Literature
Elina Druker

Just Listen? Silence, Silencing, and Voice in the Aesthetics, Reception, and Study of Children’s Literature
Vanessa Joosen

Line Breaks, Page Turns, and Gutters: Formal Moments of Silence in Children’s Texts
Karen Coats

‘Unsilencing’ Chinese Indonesians through Children’s Literature
Herdiana Hakim

The Silencing of Children’s Literature Publishing in Hong Kong
Faye Dorcas Yung

The Acoustics of Nonsense in Lewis Carroll’s Alice Tales
Anna Kérchy

‘As Long as I Can Do, I Will Do for Children’: Sindiwe Magona’s Children’s Literature
Renée Schatteman

Israeli Children’s Literature about People with Disabilities
Yaakova Sacerdoti

Children’s Literature and Imaginative Geography. Edited by Aïda Hudson
Nina Goga

The Fabulous Journeys of Alice and Pinocchio: Exploring Their Parallel Worlds. Laura Tosi with Peter Hunt
Fabiana Loparco

Żywioły w literaturze dziecięcej. Ziemia [Elements in children’s literature: earth]. Eds Anna Czabanowska-Wróbel and Krystyna Zabawa
Krzysztof Rybak

Maps and Mapping in Children’s Literature: Landscapes, Seascapes and Cityscapes. Eds Nina Goga and Bettina Kümmerling-Meibauer
Josh Simpson

Wolność i wyobraźnia w literaturze dziecięcej [Freedom and imagination in children’s literature]. Eds Anna Czabanowska-Wróbel and Marta Kotkowska
Karolina Stępień