Literaturdidaktik Position at the University of Münster, including Children’s Literature

This position is available from 01.10.2015 until 30.09.2016. For this lecturer position an understanding of teacher education and English language teaching (L2/EFL) in the secondary and/or primary school is essential. Therefore, as well as a formal TESOL qualification, experience of teaching children and teenagers in non-English speaking countries is normally required. The lecturer will be teaching six weekly seminar sessions (90 minutes each session) to ongoing teachers of English, at BA and possibly also MEd level. Seminar courses are offered over a 15-week semester, 30 weeks per year, and in Germany the lecturer is responsible for the entire seminar course as well as examinations and student supervision. Some seminar courses are introductory and cover a wide area (e.g. 2nd year BA), others are in-depth and on a narrow area (3rd year BA or MEd). This particular position is Literaturdidaktik – thus some of the courses could be on e.g. multimodal texts and film, poetry, an area of children’s literature, refugee literature, cultural studies, multiple literacies, extensive reading, or stylistics.

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If you would like to apply, please send your CV, list of publications and relevant teaching experience at university and in school as well as copies of your relevant certificates. These documents should be sent electronically to Janice Bland, by 16.07.2015.