CFP – Special Issue of Papers: Charity and Children’s Literature

Charity and Children’s Literature
Special issue of Papers: Explorations in Children’s Literature
Edited by Kristine Moruzi, Deakin University

Virtually all children have the potential to act as charitable agents. However, in children’s literature the capacity to give and receive charity is not always straightforward. Which children are constructed as charitable beings and which are seen as the recipients of charity? This special issue seeks to disrupt common binaries – such as active/passive and worthy/unworthy – by examining the complex interaction between children and charity in children’s and young adult literature. Of particular interest is the question of how children are presented in relation to charitable organisations, ideas, and practices, especially in relation to dimensions of difference (social, cultural, economic, and political).

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Representations of charity during a particular historical period
  • The politics of charity in contemporary texts
  • Theorisations and discourses of children and charity
  • Children as social agents in historical and contemporary texts
  • The welfare state and charity to/by children
  • Empire and charity in children’s texts
  • Globalised representations of children’s philanthropy
  • Discourses of religion and children’s philanthropy
  • Affect and philanthropy in children’s texts

Articles should be no more than 6000 words in length. Harvard citation style preferred. As per Papers submission guidelines, all articles will be subject to blind peer review.

Please send your article, a brief author’s bio, and contact information to Kristine Moruzi by March 1, 2016.