CFP – Approaching War: Europe

Call for Papers

An International Leverhulme Trust Project

Third International Conference

Newcastle University, UK, 15-17 March, 2013

This is the third of three conferences aimed at producing a website and edited collections to provide teachers, academics, and the interested public with a rich and diverse resource of materials on childhood, children’s culture and children’s literature in the period 1890-1919. The searchable website will consist of video recordings of the conference papers, backed up by summaries, images, links and bibliographies; the published volumes will contain expanded versions of the conference papers.

We are inviting proposals for papers on any aspect of childhood, children’s culture and children’s literature in this period, relating to the approach of war. Potential topics might include:

  • Toys, Games and Ephemera
  • Children’s Literature before 1914 (especially poetry)
  • Children’s Poetry of the War
  • The Approach to War in Continental Europe
  • Materials Written by Children
  • The Treatment of Children and War in 20th and 21st Century Children’s Books

Proposals should be in the form of a detailed summary (no more than 500 words), including an indication of the (non-copyright) visual materials that you could provide for the website. In order to obtain maximum benefit from the conference, participants would be asked to produce, by 1 February 2013, an advanced draft paper, which would then be put on the website with access limited to other conference delegates. At the conference, speakers will be asked to give a 20-30 minute presentation, which will be digitally recorded for the website. After the conference, we will ask for completed papers to be sent to us by 30 April, 2013. The papers will then be peer-reviewed for inclusion in the published volumes or on the website.

The deadline for proposals is 1 September, 2012, and we will inform you of the outcome by 15 October 2012.

Some bursaries for travel and accommodation will be available.

Please send proposals to: