CFP – 2015 IRSCL Congress: Creating Childhoods

The 22nd Biennial Congress of IRSCL will be held by the International Forum for Research in Children’s Literature, Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts, at the University of Worcester, UK, 8-12 August 2015.

Creating Childhoods
Convenor: Professor Jean Webb

Congress Themes:

Writers, artists, and academics variously create, interpret, and re-create notions of childhood. Within the academy, the field of children’s literature is increasingly inter- and multi-disciplinary. The theme of this Congress, together with the associated sub-themes listed below, is intended to enable exploration, interrogation, and analysis of children’s literature text(s) in the widest interpretation, and international childhoods. The conference will be organized thematically, although we also encourage cross-over papers that integrate more than one theme.


  • The (human) body, child health, and well-being
  • Creating childhoods through narrative, drama, poetry, illustration, film, and other media
  • The child in myth and folklore
  • The child in history and historical discourses

How to apply:

Papers will be 20 minutes maximum. You may combine themes (e.g. illustration and history). All the seminar rooms where the papers will be given are fully equipped with AVA facilities, Powerpoint, Internet, etc.

Please send an abstract of 250 – 500 words maximum clearly stating:

  • The theme(s) you are working under as listed above
  • An outline of your paper clearly stating the line of argument
  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Your institution
  • A short biography of 50-100 words giving your name: institutional affiliation: one or two publications
  • Suggestions for panels of 3-4 papers are also welcomed
  • Whether you would be willing to Chair a session

Please include the primary theme you are submitting under in your message heading as follows e.g.: IRSCL2015 your name Illustration and History.

Submit your responses to:

Submission date by December 1, 2014